59. talkabout 'No Time to Die'

October 22, 2021 Episode 59
59. talkabout 'No Time to Die'
Show Notes

One new episode...shaken, not stirred!

This week Ellis & Gwilym talkabout the newest instalment to the 007 franchise 'No Time to Die'. The technicalities of nanobots, Q's hidden drawers and the future of James Bond are just some of the things discussed here and with the first half of the episode being a spoiler free review, those who are yet to see it can still hear what we have to say about it. 

Although the news is fairly limited there are lots of trailers to discuss with the trailer of the week being Ethan Hawke starring 'The Black Phone':

Cinema is back with a bang (quite literally) and we're so excited to discuss one of, if not the cinematic moment of the year; so buckle in to your DB5 and hold on tight, because we're ready to review. 

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'No Time to Die' still available in cinemas now.